Location: Igbaras, Iloilo

[…] “Welcome to the Philippines,” Apin said with a laugh. […]

A couple of times, George made eye contact with Apin’s nephew. Like many of the other male passengers, Bonbon was wearing Bermuda shorts with a coloured stripe on the side, and a jersey.

Four jeepneys and tons of black fumes and dust later, the three passengers arrived in Igbaras. […] (From Chapter Thirty-Seven)



Location: Riro-an, Igbaras

One day, a young man named Diego Ferrer came to the Eneres family house and asked Apin to photograph the candidates for a regional beauty pageant in Riro-an. “No problem. I’ll do it.”

“Where is Riro-an?” George asked.

“Another barangay of Igbaras, past Sign-e; you and I walked through there other day.” […] (From Chapter Forty)




Location: Jovellar, Igbaras

One morning Juliet asked George, “Are you coming to the fiesta?”[…]

George had recently attended two fiestas in the same week. He could see they provided Filipinos with a break from their routine, a chance to eat and enjoy each other’s company. Today’s fiesta was going to be in the barangay (municipality) of Jovellar.

“My friend Carmelita from Victoria always told me, ‘If you really want to know the Philippines, go in January.’”[…] (From Chapter Forty-Two)



Location: Catiringan, Ibgaras

[…] They quickly passed through Jovellar, the community next to Igbaras. Ten minutes later, George saw a sign on the side of the road, a rough board with Catiringan painted on it by hand; that was their destination. When they came to a narrow, shallow stream, the driver said he wouldn’t cross it. “Too slippery.” […] (from Chapter Forty-Four)