Location: Iloilo, Dinagayan Festival

[…] George had to cancel his plans to go to the Dinagayan Festival in Iloilo with Apin. Sickness being a full-time job, George stayed home, resting and taking his antibiotics and other medications that were supposed to dissolve and eliminate phlegm, dilate his bronchial passages, etc. […] Apin told George he wanted to photograph dancers pretending to be Ati people, the indigenous people of Panay Island, whose land had been taken from them.” […] (from Chapter Forty-One)



Location: Janiuay, Iloilo

[…] Apin suggested they visit Elina Gito the next day. She had been living in Victoria for nearly half a century, but was visiting her home town of Janiuay, about thirty kilometres northwest of Iloilo. “She knew Carmelita well; you might want to ask her some questions,” Apin said.

“I’d love to meet her! How did you get the invitation?”

“Through Facebook.”

George laughed, “Of course. In the Philippines, Facebook is the equivalent of the telephone.” […] (From Chapter Forty-Three)