Location: Malacañang Palace, Manila

[…] Notebook in hand, George went over what he now knew about Carmelita. Many of his jottings were direct quotes from her. He thought he would use them verbatim in the book. She had been surrounded by love in her childhood, which she had described as one of pure happiness. Her grandfather, the Philippines ambassador to US, had never cashed his salary, she once said. When he retired, the country’s president honoured his achievements with an official reception at the Malacañang Palace. Young Carmelita watched the whole ceremony, peeking through the banister with the other children. Her grandmother wore an elaborately embroidered gown, made especially for the occasion.” […] (From Chapter Thirty)



Location: University of Santo Tomas, Manila

[…] Carmelita had told George about her mother’s reaction when Carmelita announced she wanted to study to become a nurse. “‘People treat nurses as servants.’” Her mother eventually gave in and Carmelita registered with the College of Nursing at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. […] (From Chapter Thirty)