Author: Charles Au Lavoie

Goodbye, Philippines Podcast

George Miller is a writer who’s always been interested in people and events around him. A few years earlier, he had been welcomed into the Filipino community in Victoria, Canada through a now-deceased friend. His fascination with Filipino culture had grown since. Author’s goodbye to listeners.    

Legacy of a Filipina

About Legacy of a Filipina In the Philippines, one out of every three households includes a family member who lives and works overseas. More than 660,000 Filipinos work in Canada; three million work in the United States. Legacy of a Filipina, a new novel by Charles Au Lavoie, examines the divide between these Filipinos and..

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George and Elina

George and Elina

While in the Philippines conducting research for his book, the author goes to Janiuay, Iloilo to interview a former colleague of Carmelita’s. Actors: Warren Carrie (narrator George), Lydia Emmanuel MacDonnell (Elina) Camera Operator & Editor: Isidoro Emmanuel

George and Marty, Part 2

At his aunt’s funeral, Marty is introduced to an artist called Colin; the rather shy teacher falls under. The relationship ends tragically. Marty looks to his aunt Carmelita’s close friend, George, for support. Actors: Dan Ryan (Marty), Warren Carrie (George) Camera operator & Editor: Isidoro Emmanuel